Plesk Control Panel

» Perform domain backup to repository, FTP server, or workstation

» Schedule domain backup, set up backup files rotation

» Create sub domains

» Add and Manage Site Applications in new Application Pack

» Manage @domains

» Configure sites and update application settings

» Upload, manage, backup and restore site files

» Create web users, allow them scripting capabilities, assign hard disk quota

» Manage multiple MySQL

» Monitor bandwidth on a per site basis by traffic type:
http/https, pop3, SMTP, IMAP, ftp, anonymous ftp. See traffic history

» Analyze web logs via Webalizer

» Create protected directories (SSL and non-SSL), assign users to them

» Protect the cgi-bin directory or subdirectories within it

» Log Rotation Management

» Upload and manage site files using File-Manager

» Manage Anonymous FTP settings (bandwidth, incoming dir, simultaneous logins)

» Switch entire domain ON/OFF

» Use Crontab Manager

» SpamAssassin Configuration

» Includes email account creation, deletion, aliases, groups,
redirects auto-responses, account on/off switching

» Allows for Mail Users private secure login access

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