UNIX Commands

Use this command to search for a file by its filename. It will look progressively into all subdirectories from the present working directory. That is, if your present working directory is /home/joe , then all folders and files inside /home/joe
will be searched.


[joe@server joe]$ find -name in* -print

This tells the computer to find look for files beginning with the letters "in" and and print out the results.

The output of that command may look something like....


In this example, 3 files beginning with "in" are found...
index.html, which is at /home/joe/htdocs ,
interesting.html, which is at /home/joe/htdocs ,and
indigo.jpg, which is at /home/joe//htdocs/images .

Likewise, if you want to find files ending with "fer.html", issue the command...
find -name *fer.html -print